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This is a small, friendly club founded in 1985, ideal for riders starting out in the show ring, or at a higher level too!

Ideal for folk that are new to riding club events and we are here to help and encourage you on your way. A warm welcome awaits you at whatever level you enter




Saturday 19th September

SJ & Dressage event at Sheeppark

schedule in libary page


ONLINE DRESSAGE COMPETITION (5) – part of our Lockdown League



                       Schedule in our libary page


Evening Training at Sheeppark and Tain with Karen Mowat 

Tain - Sept 8th and Sept 23rd

Sheep park - Sept 16th and Sept 30th 

schedule in libary page


Hi Everyone.
It was heartening to see a good turnout for our first ever on line dressage, and I believe there were some good scores in all sections. I think quite a few of us were on a learning curve with the videoing techniques. (I know I was, having a complete dressage ignoramus as well as not being good with the tech as a video-er!)
Well that was the first step for us - as you will have seen from Brenda and Emma the next schedule has gone out (and some entries already in) with much more choice in it. There will be another following soon after.
The results of Lockdown League (well for the moment the club is still in lockdown) will be announced at the finish of these events, and we don't yet know when that will be.
Just to let you know that the league will be divided into the different levels, and that each horse/rider combination will only be eligible for the highest 2 levels they enter, with results being worked out on an average %. (Therefore you would have to enter more than one to get an average.)
Thank you particularly to Brenda for dealing with all the videos, entries and sending out the score sheets - hopefully any teething problems have been resolved. Also to our judge Kimberley dealing with the variety of videoing standards - I am sure it will have made for interesting viewing!
I hope you are all well, and even if you are not taking part in this "event", that you are still riding and enjoying your horses.
Oh and remember if you are doing the Ride and Reward to keep counting the time spent in the saddle.
Stay safe.
Jeni Birks



April Photo Show Results

Class 1 - Before + After

Junior 3- 7 - Ianna Grant.   Junior 8-16 - Ayleen Ross.    Adult - Megan Gillan



Class 2 - Best Action Shot

Junior 3-7 - Ava Grant.          Junior 8-16 - Ayleen Ross.        Adult - Megan Gillan

Class 3 Best Horse/Pony Head shot

Junior 3-7 - Ianna Grant.       Junior 8-16 - Anya Adams.        Adult - Megan Gillan



Class 4 - Between the ears

Junior 3-7 - Xanthe MacFarlane.   Junior 8-16 - Anya Adams.   Adult - Susan Ross


Class 5 Dirtiest Horse/Pony

Junior 8-16 Anya Adams.                   Adult - Lorna Calder


Class 6 Cutest Pet

Junior 3-7 Ava Grant.Junior 8-16 - Ayleen Ross. Adult - Lorna Calder


Class 7 - Daftest Pet

Junior 3-7 - Xanthe MacFarlane. Junior 8-16 - Ayleen Ross. Adult - Stewart Bain


Class 8 - Best Homemade item

junior 3-7 Ava Grant. Adult - Susan Ross




All your income from  2019  Ride 'n Reward paid,  has been donated to Highland group R.D.A. -  total of £112.00

2020 membership forms>> in library page



1ST JANUARY 2020 - 31st OCTOBER 2020

register for ride'n reward, forms in libary page

STATEMENT 19/2/2019

Due To the recent Equine Flu in the UK, Sheeppark have decided to put the following measures in place to protect our own horses and ponies at home. A horse will NOT be permitted to compete unless it has current vaccination against equine influenza which complies with the following conditions;

1.       An initial course of two injections for primary vaccinations, not less than 21 days and no more than 92 days apart, are required before being eligible to compete.

2.      A first booster injection must be given between 150 and 215 days after the second injection of primary vaccination.

3.      Subsequent booster injections must be given at intervals of no more than one calendar year, commencing after the first booster injection.

4.      The full course or booster must have been administered at least seven days before competition.

This year we have decided to vaccinate all our horses which is something we don’t normally do, but due to the current situation and to be able to carry on with all the events that are booked for this coming year we decided this was the only safe and responsible course of action. We ask that anyone coming to ours respectfully does the same.                                                                                                            I will be randomly checking passports personally myself on entry until further notice. We intend to keep this policy enforced even after this out-brake is no longer a threat and we hope that others do the same for the good of our equestrian sport.

Thank you                                                                                                      Joeanna Renwick


Ross-shire Riding Club operates an annual points system for our members 

Every time you help at an event = 5 points.

every training session you attend = 5 points

Placings at events and or shows -

1st = 10 pts

2nd = 9 pts

3rd = 8 pts 

4th =7pts   5th = 6pts  6th = 5pts  7th = 4pts  8th = 3pts  9th = 2pts  10th = 1pt

these are all recorded and kept for you, you dont need to do anything - just attend events and enjoy  


Tain area and  Black Isle (Sheep-park, Balblair) 

Directions to Sheep park

From Inverness - over Kessock bridge heading North, Tore round about take the 3rd exit still heading north. As you are coming down the hill take the turning to Culbokie on the right. Once you go through Culbokie follow that road for approximately 7 miles. Sheeppark is on your left.

From North - Over Cromarty bridge and take first left. Follow road for 2 miles then left at the T junction. Follow road for approximately 5 miles. Sheeppark is on your left.




Club fleeces for sale £22, or £25 with your name on







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